Digital Marketing

Safaar is considered to be one of the finest and most trustworthy travelling agencies that has its roots in Mumbai, Maharashtra. After having a detailed conversation with the team of Safaar, we learned that they didn’t want his company to be projected as just another travelling agency that provides a basic description of holiday packages with prices to be displayed. Rather, they wanted to come up with a fresh, crisp, and innovative strategy in the world of travel agencies, offering an out-of-the-ordinary service to the audience and attracting them in a very unique way.

Their process of holiday package planning is quite unique because they consider the following factors: the number of days, budget, number of people, and time of the year. Besides, they also wanted to understand the reason for travelling such as some people want to go for a romantic trip, some opt for a devotional trip and some others may want a trip that can challenge their adrenaline hormones, in order to create customised packages accordingly.

We then suggested creating a website with a detailed yet impactful description of traveling destinations to attract the audience. Moreover, we also focused on establishing a strong brand identity and a proper SEO strategy. We successfully gained their trust and started creating SEO-friendly content.

After a detailed research, we found out that the places that they selected to be displayed on their website were very unique and unexplored yet. Solely based on the content and pictures, we decided to redesign the website so that the potential clients could witness the beauty of the unexplored places and go through the content at the same time.

Our strategy proved to be fruitful as people started recognizing Safaar as a distinctive travelling agency that ultimately boosted the call to action. We helped Safaar to stand out in the crowd, fetch the limelight and fortify its position as one of the most demanded travelling agencies in the country with the help of SEO-friendly content.