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Overview About Decode House
We are a creative digital marketing platform with more than 10+ years in the digital transformation industry, with global-level expertise in a wide range of fields that cover visual effects, creative technologies, CGI production studio, virtual reality, film direction services, digital assets, and software development skills.
We believe in the utmost satisfaction of our customers and make sure they get their queries answered at the earliest. Besides, we always remain approachable to our clients to deliver them excellent services and rely upon their feedback when it comes to evolving our services. We are keen to converge youthful ideas with powerful research and impactful strategic execution.
We also function as a media house company and are deeply involved with content creation and production. We have completed many successful projects related to augmented reality, virtual reality, film direction, music videos, album promotions, and many more.

We are also associated with running an in-house 2D animation and motion graphics studio creating ad films, branded content, experimental content, music albums, etc. We are also a reliable website development company and provide SEO, social media, and software development services not only nationally but globally.

Our clients are thus, not restricted to one particular area or region because we have been working with people from different spheres of area.

With the help of our intellectual approach, experimental strategies, and tech-driven background and mindset, we have formed a huge network globally to extend our services. We have a team of experienced as well as extremely talented artists, directors, and creative technologists who are working tirelessly every single day to expand their horizons of work.
Our team also has content generators, producers, and writers from multinational backgrounds.

Since we also serve as a post- production company, we are associated with innovation, diverse concepts, and flexibility as well. With all the constructive changes we have inculcated within ourselves over the years, we have secured our position as an award-winning production company with work touching the digital horizons related to digital cinematics, commercials, feature films, social media marketing, and many more.

Our team is our ultimate strength and we acknowledge the importance of freedom of speech and opinion when it comes to creativity and plan execution by the experts.

Our content creators have the capacity to narrate unique stories and grow to execute remarkable assets across sectors like entertainment, hospitality, music, travel, films, digital tech, and much more. We do not believe in dominance but in supporting each other’s thinking processes and creativity when it comes to the delivery of services.

That’s what makes us true