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Nowadays, people are more interested in the digital World. Hence, the World has now, by late, been divided into two parts- online and offline. The percentage of people who are more associated with the online World is increasing day by day than those associated with the offline World.

Earlier, people were more dependent on the offline World when choosing products or services. But now, with the digitalization of the World, people rely on influencers available on social media platforms to choose their products. The impact of social media influencers has attained significant importance in society and thus, they are being compared with movie celebrities now.

We understand our client’s demands when it comes to marketing their products and services. Thus, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the top influencer marketing agencies in not only Mumbai but also the entire nation. We, Decode House, come with a strong and rigid promise to deliver excellent services to our clients and ensure their utmost satisfaction.

Though we are extremely professional when it comes to delivering resources, we treat our clients as family and believe in developing a personal relationship with them to understand their requirements better.

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We have a dedicated team of experts who focuses primarily on the utilization of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram as well as websites to promote a particular product or service. It is to be noted that most social media platforms have built-in data analytics tools so that the companies associated can successfully track the progress and engagement of the campaigns that they have invested in.

We have expertise in properly and devotedly exercising social networking websites which allow individuals as well as small and medium businesses to interact with one another so that they can build healthy relationships and communities online. We also promote easy facilitation of companies to become a part of social media and join these channels, the customers automatically derive the opportunity to interact with them directly, therefore, have the chance to be a bit more personal. Moreover, the customers can also enquire about the products or services from the owner of these companies to attain a satisfying answer.

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We are also deeply associated with influencer networking, enabling the product or services of our clients to reach billions of customers across the globe within seconds, thereby changing the pattern of buying products or services and forming a proper influence network.

Social media platforms give their users or followers the provision to “retweet” or “repost” comments made by others regarding a product that has already been promoted on the website. In this way, that particular product receives the required amount of “mentions” that help it create more customers within a short amount of time.

We also promote micro-influencers and help them to focus primarily on a particular niche area and are regarded as industry experts or topic specialists. Their influence is considered to be stronger than a typical influencer. Our social media and influence marketing experts rely on accentuating the target audience to increase the sales and profit related to a particular product our clients want us to elevate. We provide demographic information that the companies look out for such as gender, age, profession, location, income, educational level as well as marital status.

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Our influence marketing experts also keep on shifting the promotional strategy of the products or services of the clients and each strategy is client-specific. They do so because the customers can only connect to a certain product, service, or brand if they can relate to the content of the product, which depends on the promotional strategy of the company.

The only way to find a target audience is to do ample research such as analyzing the promotional strategy of competitors and their way of dealing with and finding their target audience. It is something that we have mastered over the years to establish our company as one of the top marketing agencies in Mumbai.

It is something that we have
mastered over the years to
establish our company as one
of the top marketing agencies
in Mumbai.
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We also share a cordial relationship with Instagram influencers who utilize platforms other than Instagram that contributes significantly to the creation of their impact on a huge level on the digital market. We are aware of the fact that influencer marketing is now seeing a positive shift in marketing because consumers rely more on the influencers rather than brands.

Thus, you can show your faith in us when it comes to marketing your products and services and we are more than happy to help our clients by learning their demands and delivering the service they want with excellence and supremacy.