Influencer Marketing

Started as an Unani pharmaceutical company in India, Hamdard was founded in the year 1906 by Hakeem Hafiz Abdul Majeed in Delhi. The main objective behind establishing this pharmaceutical company was to serve mankind with herbal toxin-free products. From a small clinic, Hamdard became a household name under the sacred supervision of its owner who was also a renowned physician.

After a detailed conversation with the team of Hamdard, we identified their demands and requirements. Since Hamdard is a legacy brand, the youth may or may not be aware of this brand and its benefits. Hence, they wanted to showcase their brand’s quality, heritage, and health benefits with the help of influencer marketing so that influencers can create relevant content and it can reach the target audience. They were focused on increasing the brand’s awareness, purchase intent, and credibility and put their strong faith in us to achieve the same.

They shared briefs for Hamdard Khaalis spices, Hamdard Olive oil, Hamdard Mustard Oil, Hamdard Saffron, Hamdard Rooh Afza, Hamdard Squash, and Hamdard Naariyal Pani. We then in no time fabricated unique yet effective influencer marketing strategies and suggested showcasing their heritage brand using multiple campaigns with the help of influencers of different genres such as Mom Vloggers, Mixologists, Homemakers, TV celebrities, and Lifestyle vloggers. Moreover, we also targeted different states for different Hamdard products to increase brand awareness more and more. However, we also made sure that the campaigns are not state-specific and thus, focused on running multiple campaigns so that it reaches people from all spheres and zones.

Mom vloggers promoted various Hamdard drinks that are refreshing and can be consumed by people of all age groups. Similarly, our Mixologist influencers used Hamdard products to prepare a wide range of refreshing and soothing mocktails. TV celebrities, homemakers, and chefs used Hamdard Khaalis spices in various types of dishes and created some amazing, mouth-watering recipes and shared them using reels on Instagram.

Our trusted influencers left no stone unturned to establish Hamdard as a reliable as well as preferred choice for consumers who are genuinely concerned about their health and want to acquire healthy food habits by consuming natural and authentic products. Our primary aim was to redecorate this heritage brand and escalate its relevance among people of all age groups.

The influencer marketing campaign proved to be immensely successful and played a crucial role in increasing the brand’s visibility, awareness, and audience reach. As a result, our influencers were flooded with millions of followers and viewership who got attracted to Hamdard as the products seemed to be relevant to them. Our campaigns stimulated positive brand sentiment that eventually reached the target audience and constructively exhibited Hamdard’s products and the benefits associated with the help of influencer marketing, therefore, delivering palpable results. Besides, these campaigns also fortified the usefulness of influencer marketing when it comes to promoting a particular brand.